Same name, different crystal

Same name, different crystal

Yes. Unfortunately sellers are not selling what they tell you.

More and more often I see crystals in online and offline shops, that are mislabelled.
This happens because the supplier is telling them the wrong name or it happens when sellers have no knowledge of crystals or it happens on purpose.

If the supplier named it wrong, I think it is up to the seller to correct it. If the seller named it wrong, then I think they should stop selling crystals, because of the lack of knowledge. If a seller does it on purpose, I think they are not the right people to get the crystals to the right person, they are scammers.

I asked a seller for a reply;
“Most buyers don’t know. So stones  are just given more common names.
I don’t really mind if it’s not the right stone for the healing they are looking for.”

And that is what makes me furious.

Yes, in my believe, crystals choose their own keepers. For as long as the crystal think it is needed.
Sellers are just there to get them around the world.
Sometimes names doesn’t matter, because you just need the particular stone. But at least, know the right name. And if you are looking for a particular crystal, you should get the right one.

People choose crystal therapy to get some help and relieve. As a crystal therapist you learn which stone to use for which discomfort. With physical things you can look at the discomfort, like rheumatism, headache, teething, etc. With mental/emotional things you should look at what you want to accomplish, like getting more energy or being more focussed.

You can also use a specific crystal for healing a particular chakra, by using a corresponding color crystal/chakra. Red on red, orange on orange and so on. (the natural color, not a dyed on color)
And sure, placebo can occur. But we put our heads and hearts in learning all we can to help with crystals.

So, because of all the synthetic crystals, dyed crystals, heated crystals and wrongly named crystals;

Do research before you buy. Online or with help from someone with the knowledge of crystals or a mineralist.

An online consult with me will cost you just € 15,- ($ 18) per 1/2 hour.

We should take care of these beautiful miracles from Mother Earth.

From the heart,