Women’s Healing

Women’s Healing

I decided to sell Yoni eggs, because I found out that the information given about the eggs is not quite correct.

I have quartz, rosequartz, amethyst, red jasper and obsidian in sizes L, M and S.
I also have a couple of other ones, like green adventurine, serpentine, rhodosite and howlite.

I am not selling them on my webshop (yet), because i like to give the information about sizes and how to use in person.

But here is some info, due to questions that i received.

A lot of women know the Jade Yoni egg. It is used for strengthening the pelvic muscles.
They come in sizes XL, L, M and S. The most used size is L. But the smaller you go, the harder it will be to keep it in place.
My pelvic muscles are just as my other muscles… strong. So I never thought about getting a yoni egg although I work with crystal healing.

A couple of years ago, someone gave me a rosequartz egg. Probably not knowing where you should use it for. Me, at the time, didn’t know either.
Just a couple of weeks later, I find out that they can help heal from the inside out.
I cleaned the egg and started using it intuitively.
Wore it until it came out on its own.

I never thought about how I used it. I just did. Until I received an email from a woman in Peru who were hosting a webinar about womb empowerment. Holistic womb health. Nalaya Chakana.

It was about Sexual Life Force as Your Healing Energy. The deep wisdom, the inner guide, the healing power, the intuition is in the belly.
Every woman got this power center. You just have to connect with it.

But If you are not going through emotions and feelings, they will store somewhere in your body. For a lot of woman, unseen, unheard, unfelt emotions and feelings are creating pain in the belly. Intestines, womb, bladder. Because emotions and feelings are connected with the red and orange  chakras that are located at the base of the spine and a little higher. Those chakra’s are about who you really are and what you really feel.

Then we moved on to Clearing the Womb after Love. And there it was; the ritual with the egg I already did intuitively.

Every partner stores energy in your energy field. You can clear it in a couple of ways. But for me, it was the egg ritual because of a given rosequartz egg. By doing the yoni egg ritual, you can cut the cords that are created when having sex.

If the relationship was loving and pleasant you can use a rosequartz egg for gently removing that partners presence.
If you are sexually longing back for the connection with a partner you want to cut the cords with use a red yoni egg, like red jasper or carnelian. It will stop the reaching, dreaming, fantasy about the partner. The desire will be taken away.
If the partner was toxic or violent or abusive, you should use a black egg, like a black obsidian. But maybe not the first time doing this ritual. Because it will also show you what you need to know and what you have attracted and brings you back to collective woman healing. And that can be too much. Too heavy.

If you want to know how to do the ritual, please contact me.

Of course there are other yoni eggs as well. If you want to use those for healing, look at the healing properties and the chakra’s or contact me for information.
And please do not use crystals that are toxic when getting in contact with moisture or crystals that can not put in water.

If you have questions, you can always contact me by email, facebook or instagram.