Although it is pretty cold on some days, you can smell spring.
Birds sing at dawn,  flowers pop out of the ground, the sun is growing in power.
I love it. Fresh energy is there to bath in.

Also because last night the eclipse doorway closed.
In between the full moon eclipse on January 31 and the sun eclipse on February 15, the energy was restless. You could have been experiencing less sleep, heavier dreaming, pain in the chest area, pain in the thymus area, better connection with the Universe, heavy legs and flu like symptoms.
With this doorway closing, the seeds you planted may thrive before the next eclipse on July 27.

Officially spring will begin around March 20. So another month to rejuvenate and cleanse  to get ready for new things. In paganism Imbolc on February 2 is the time of the awakening of the land and the growing power of the Sun. The Goddess is seen in her view as Virgo, the Altar is decorated with snowdrops, the messengers of spring. The aspect of birth plays a major role.

Preparing for Ostara or Spring equinox on March 21. When night and day are equally long. The sun is growing in strength, Mother Earth is starting to come alive. Time to dance to wake up your body and do rituals. This feast is dedicated to Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility. Symbols such as the Hare and the Egg, which now belong to Easter, are dedicated to Her.

For me, this is the time to look ahead and plan the things for the months ahead.

I have some really cool things to look forward to;
Crystal shopping, March 24
Crystal shopping Antwerp, May 5
Ouders Natuurlijk Beurs Arnhem, June 9
Crystal shopping St. Marie France, June 21
Lorelei Summer Edition, August 21

If you are looking for special crystals, please send me a message and I will take an extra effort to find them on the trips I’m going on.

And hopefully I’ll see you on the fairs and festivals or one on one for fun or business.