In essence, you are and we are pure nature. Grew out of a sperm and an egg.
Back to Spirit when you have lived this life or if you’ve learned your lesson.
In the meantime, why do you eat, drink and use so many things that are not natural?
Is’nt it more natural to choose what you are?

To my surprise, i saw a beautiful lady, around 25 years of age in the drugstore where I was working, looking for four (!) Cans with berries diet shake. Actually, I wanted to ask her what she additionally was eating and drinking besides shakes, but I didn’t.
My gut feeling was confirmed when I read the package; One of the main ingredients is sugar. In my view, perhaps the biggest no-no in our diet.



In almost all the food and drinks that comes from a factory, are unnatural. Preservatives, flavor enhancers, sugars. Ingredients that your body does not need at all or even get sick off.
For me the biggest scammers are Unilever, Nestle and Mondelez.
And no, I’m not holy. I eat  a KitKat or Unox soup sometimes, but I notice immediately that my skin gets irritated and my intestines have difficulties.

A pack or pouch where your food comes from is perhaps convenient and fast, but if you have problems with your body, I would advice to look at what you eat and drink.

In addition, manufacturers are doing everything possible to deceive us. Looking at the TV, I think the food and drinks that need advertisement, is what you really don’t want to digest.. Quite an easy reminder when shopping.

We are being fooled. As you can see in this episode of Keuringsdienst van Waarde. Whether you want to consume milk or not; which pack you choose, probably only matters when you are going to pay. The ingredient is, strange but true, the same.
Whatch the episode.

And where you do your shopping, grocery store or eco store ultimately revolves around men with ties and not the farmers.
Whatch the episode.

Next week; PURE NATURE – Medications.
Looking at hay fever and Big Pharma.