New Earth energy

New Earth energy

Hello 2020. A new decade.

Do you feel it? A lighter and brighter energy is all around us.
Earth is shaking things up. Higher Schumann Resonance and shifting magnetic field. More rainbow colors and more people speeking lightlanguage.

People are waking up and do not longer accept all that they have been told by media and mentors. Goverments, big pharma, school systems and the food industry will be having a hard time.

Most important now, is to get to your deepest truest self.

See what is happening, check in with your body and wisdom and feel what is true for you without your mind being the game player and leader. Your mind will tell you stories and will make things up, to keep you away from your self.

Your authentic you is inside of you and has answers to all of your questions. Feel. Learn to feel deeply. Which is completely different than emotions your body will put you in, to make things clear and if you tuck those away you will get sick… And also different than feelings, which are made up by the mind…

Inner knowing is the most fitting word for me.

In a stillness weekend, i realised that the mind chatter is endless. And that if you listen to your mind, you are not walking your own way. Even karma, hsp, empath, you need to heal, etc. are all things to keep you away from your authentic powerfulest self.

The only thing you have to do, is sink or chack-in into your body and choose a different experience.

Your mind is the one putting all the labels on everything. Which may not even be true. Just blocks to keep you away from inner knowing and your powerfulest self.


Be open and connect.

You can make a real good place for you. In this vessel called body.

You might need a little help. There are good teachers, nice essences, supplements and crystals.

Crystals can help your energy with their energy. Labradorite is a good one to stay in your own energy. Lemurians are great to get you to a higher vibration. Lilaczanite or Rosequartz are nice ones for the heart. Hilutite will let you walk your own path and keep you in the now. Garnet and Aquamarine will get you through resistance. Apatite, Rosequartz, Blue lace agate or Emerald might open you up. And Moonstone, Rhodonite, Jade and Rhodochrosite could get you meaningful connections.

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