Necklaces for children

Necklaces for children

I need to share something. I’m getting I little worried about the thing that more and more people are selling crystals, but do not know anything about them or maybe even worse; selling the ‘wrong’ things to the wrong people.

There is a significant increase in amber necklaces for babies and children. Really nice, because the little ones benefit from it;
They have a pain-relieving effect when changing teeth. The warmth of the skin releases the active ingredient “amber acid” in the Baltic amber. It helps with the reduction of drooling and suppresses inflammation.

But nowadays children’s necklaces suddenly appear with all kinds of precious stones.
Many children born now or in the last few years are sensitive, perhaps highly sensitive. They feel all that has to do with energy. People, animals, gems.

Most gems are not suitable for children because they are used for adult “problems”. Gemstones that are good for children are;
(and now I’m going to give away a part of my ‘wisdom’)
Amber, Clear quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Aquamarine, Calcite and Blue Chalcedony/Blue lace agate.
These are loving soft stones with their own energies.

In addition, there are some children with a higher energy that are drawn to; Labradorite, Fluorite and fairly unknown stones with higher vibration as; Lilaczanite, Tanzanite and Kyanite.

What worries me most are the poisonous stones and adult stones that are sometimes in children’s necklaces and bracelets such as Malachite and Lapis Lazuli. Malachite is dangerous when it comes in contact with water, sweat and saliva. When this stone breaks, it is already dangerous to an adult and then think about a baby or child that is wearing it. Please don’t.
Lapis lazuli is balancing paranormal gifts, for expressing and stimulating emotions. Some children with old souls could fall for it. Then it’s fine. But do not let your kid wear it because you like that stone, for example.

What I regret to see is that a lot of different gems are being processed into one necklace / bracelet. For adults this is not a good idea, let alone for children. Because every stone has its own strength. Some stones reinforce each other, but some stones also counteract with each other.
You can wear several gems, but they only really do something when you focus on one of the stones you wear at the moment.

Children are open (and bless the parents who keep their kids that way). That does mean that they are more sensitive to what they wear. 2 a 3 different gems is really a maximum for babies and children.
Think about your baby wearing a necklace, and feel what’s best. If this is difficult, ask a person who is educated in precious stones, high sensitivity and children.

If you want to give your toddler or child something with gems, let him / her choose from a preselected collection. Most children know exactly what they need.

Do you have questions after reading this article, would you like help or are you looking for beautiful stones, advice or something else?
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