Lorelei 2019

Lorelei 2019

Yes, Lorelei was great again.
The first festival during the week was a real rollercoaster.
I had all kinds of feelings and didn’t understand what was going on.
I had the feeling people couldn’t see me and i sat with all these feelings. On thursday, the hottub was my place to get it together.
Something changed.

The sweatlodge had made a deep impact.
Not the being in there, but the coming out of it.
It changed me completely. Like I finally found myself.

I changed the look and feel of my marketplace and started the weekend festival fresh. With a whole different energy, the weekend was awesome.

Starting this festival with balck madonna as the theme this year, i had no feeling with that at all.
But well… hello… she was there.
More embodied in Maria Magdalene for me.
Been trhrough it all.
And healed me.
I am me.