Do you experience the world differently?

Then there is a possibility that you are Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or a Highly Sensitive Seeker (HSS), like me.

Because of a biological difference that we are born with, highly sensitive people are more aware of subtleties and process information deeply. This means we tend to be creative, insightful and empathetic, but it also means we experience stress and overwhelm a bit more. Being highly sensitive is completely normal. It’s not a disease or a disorder. But it is often misunderstood.

There are two types of high sensitive people. Around 70%, is HSP and naturally quiet and more introvert. They feel comfortable with a fairly steady life with few risks. The other part, around 30%, is HSS and need new experiences, excitement and is more extrovert. They are quickly bored and looking for a challenge, although they can become overburdened.

More and more kids, adolescents and adults have to deal with health things and feelings they do not understand. When you go to a doctor, nothing can be found. Changes are, you are a HSP or a HSS and you body is telling you what is going on, but you just don’t know that. Yet.

Probably you do not like violoence and cruelty. You can feel other peoples feelings and emotions. Time pressure can make you anxious. You withdraw from large groups or noisy places. You tend to think deeply. You seek answers. Change can upset you. You do not want to make mistakes. And you probably do not like hard sounds, bright light and heavy smells.

High sensitivity can have a strong influence on work, personal life and relationships. It is a characteristic that is not greatly appreciated in our hectic, Western society. At first, many highly sensitive people experience their characteristics as a burden and wonder what is wrong with them. They tend to want to change themselves and suppress or ignore their abbility.

Through awareness and acceptance it can become a quality and a gift. For this purpose it is important to learn to ground properly, to set boundaries, to strengthen the inner strength and to find the right balance between activity and rest.

It is a good idea to go out in nature. Nature goes through spring, summer, autumn and winter, just like your body. You can use the seasons to set intentions, be outside, go back within and rest.
It is also a good idea to go from how you think about things, to how your feel about things. Your body is a compass and tells you everything you want to know. By aches and pains, by sudden ideas or gut feelings.
Watch signs from the Universe, like pictures on your timeline, text in a song, dubble digits, fallen feathers, animals who are showing up…
Keep a journal about how you feel. Whenever or with certain things. You can ask if a feeling is yours or that you picked up a feeling from someone near you.
Try to get familiar with you. Your body. And how it responds.
Or find like minded people to share.
Together we can make a difference.
We can help eachother.

HSP or HSS can become your friend. And your guide.

You can always contact me.
With love, Suzan.