Summer has ended and autumn is slowly coming in.
For me, this was a season of change. I grew and i explored inner me.
Founding the dragon and the goddess.

And also the coaching and crystal things changed.

I had the opportunity to help a woman of my own age, to find herself in just a couple of sessions. I seem to be really good in tuning in to higher vibrations and highly sensitive and super smart humans. I discovered that it doesn’t matter if it are kids or adolescents or adults 🙂
But the energies of the kids are my favorite, so i will look into more options to work with them.

Also the crystals changed.

My boxes for the markets and festivals are now arranged in themes: kids, women and high vibe.
At the first market after this change, i knew, that the themes are a good idea. I can point people to specific boxes and that makes choosing a crystal a little easier.

The dreamcatchers are back!
I stopped making them a while ago and thought i should leave them to shops that are more into pagan/sjamanic power objects then me.
But some people started to ask about dreamcatchers with crystals and when i started making them again, i knew why i loved it so much. Creating the web feels like a ritual and a meditation.
The dreamcatchers will have themes like: balance, rest, love, etc.

By being creative with the beads, i was also drawn to try to make a mala.
A 108 bead necklace with one ‘mother’ bead. I can make these with the same themes as the dreamcatchers, but i will also make them like the right one on the picture with 13 beads for the 13 moon cycles for personal womens healing.

And to expand into womens healing, i bought a couple of yoni eggs.
To help women from the inside out.
I am happy to talk to you about eggs in an email, app, private message or face to face, because i found a lot of information about yoni eggs that is not correct. So, how to choose the right size and how to use an egg, i would rather tell you, then put more information online.

Most of the new crystals and the dreamcatchers, malas and eggs are not in the shop. I don’t now yet if i will.
But you can always send an email or message or find me on upcoming events.

Ouders Natuurlijk Beurs, Doorwerth. 16 november 2019.
Spirituele koffie, Huizen. Data volgen.
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Cursus edelsteen sieraad maken. Locatie en datum volgen.
Krystmerke Westerein Harich, Harich. 14 december 2019.
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