The last couple of weeks I got a lot of questions about altered and fake crystals.
Agate, Citrine, Turquoise, Topaz, Aqua aura…
So, here is food for thought.

In my opinion dyed crystals are just there for the looks of it. The flashier, the better for a lot of people. Not for me.
Mother Earth is giving us beautiful crystals. If you like how they look or not, it is about the vibration, the feeling, the inner thing, not the outer.
Crystals in bright colours are probably dyed.
The most dyed crystals;
Agate – bright coloured tumbled stones, slices and geodes.
Dalmation Jasper – bright coloured tumbled dotted stones.
Magnesite – dyed blue and sold as Turquoise.
Howlite  – dyed blue and sold as Turquoise.
Quartz – bright coloured tumbled stones and points.

After tumbling, they soak for a couple of weeks in dye. The dye penetrates the crystal and gives it it’s new colour. Nothing is happening to it’s original vibration. And those colours will fade in sunlight.
I wish we could just stop this.

Then there are crystals that are colour changed by a heat treatment.
High heat, such as that from a charcoal fire, can make a crystal change its colour;
Amethyst – to sell it as Citrine.
Ametrine – partly heated Amethyst.
Aquamarine – to make the green ones blue.
Tourmaline – to lighten up darker greens and blues.
Ruby – to remove stains, cracks and inclusions.
Sapphire – to intensify the colour.
Tanzanite – to intensify the colour.

Mother Earth is doing this as well. That is how some crystals are made. But I do not like the enhancement to make cheaper versions of the original crystals. And also, these colours will fade in sunlight.

If you can sense crystal vibrations, you notice that a heated Amethyst aka Citrine, for example, feels way less powerful then a natural Citrine.

Then you also got crystals that are colour changed by radiation.
High levels of ionizing radiation change the atomic structure of the crystal;
Topaz – to make the yellow ones blue.

It can also be done with Beryl, Quartz, Fluorite and Diamonds. The crystals stay radioactive. But in such a low dose, that it is not harmful. But I won’t recommend to give it to kids.

The last group of coloured crystals are the vaporized ones.
A scientific enhancement of the original clear quartz vibration by metals.
Aqua aura – Gold and titanium.
Tanzan aura – Indium, gold and niobium.
Tangerine aura – Copper, gold and iron.
Cranberry aura – gold and platinum.
Rainbow aura – Titanium.
Angel aura – Platinum and silver.
Apple aura – Nickel.
Lemon aura – Iron and platinum.

Personally, I’m fine with this colouring, because the metals give the quartz a much higher vibration.

AND PLEASE; watch out when bying on AliExpress like websites. Because from China or India it is probably fake.
If I can help out, please contact me by mail or Facebook.