The summer is getting to an end. No more camping and festivals. Time to go from living more outside with nice weather, to living more inside in a warm home.
This is also a time to go from showing yourself, to diving deep inside.
What went well? What do you want to change? Is your body telling you things like; i have pain here or there or i need some rest? See what your inner world is telling you. Not what you are thinking, but what your are feeling.

Weather is changing. Trees are getting a different color. Daylight is getting less. Nighttime is getting longer.
The day when the daylight and nighttime are even is called Mabon. September 21st, Autumn equinox. A day to celebrate the changing of the seasons, giving thanks to your harvest, to start a journey to your inner self.
What went well? What do you want to change? What are the things that makes you happy? Because figuring this out in the autumn, gives you time during the winter to make space and dream about new adventures next spring.
Be grateful and show your abundance and the Universe will give that back to you.

With Mabon you can relax and retreat to your personal space and prepare for the coming dark time.
You can now gather your own personal harvest of the past year, symbolically, and keep it close to your heart in the coming months of declining energy. This allows you to make an inventory of what you have been given and what you have had to give up in order to be able to harvest. It is important to look at what you have accomplished this year.
You can now complete certain things and connect things that need to be connected before the winter. It is time to recognize and contemplate balance between opposing forces in our lives, to stop, to rest and perhaps to change a bit of pace before it is Samhain, Mid Winter.
What do you feel about your successes and achievements. Also look at the lessons learned from certain things that were unsuccessful. These lessons are seeds from which new projects will grow.

You can access what is important easier by going on a meditation like journey;
Close your eyes. Walk to a place you like in nature or to a top of a mountain. Connect to the sky above you and the earth beneath you. Now, what do you see when you are there? How does the environment look? Something or someone is coming up to you. With a present. Take the present from who or what is  in front of you. Look at your present. What is it? How does it make you feel? Say thanks for the present and who or what is  there, will leave. When you are ready, say one word out loud. One word that will get or need a little extra attention.Watch the respons of the environment on your word. Then come back to the here and now.

Nice things to do with Mabon; Collect colored leaves, carnelian, lapis lazuli, amethyst, seeds and so on to make a small altar somewhere in the living room. Burn mirre, sandalwood, benzoe or sage in your home. When you are sensitive, Palo Santo might be a nicer thing to burn. You cleanse your home and yourself with it. And go out in nature.