So… Medicine…
Sometimes we need them, but I think, most of the time, we don’t.
Big pharma is just a big money maker like food and drinks.
With fabricated food and drinks we get sick. Then we need medicine.

But we still take the fake food and drinks. So we still need the medicine.
Most of the time, if you change your diet, you are fine.
And you can also look at alternatives.

is science-based medical use of plants and plant extracts for therapeutic purposes.
You can digest drops, tinctures, tea, etc, etc.
It’s almost April now. So colds, flu and hay fever are quite common, but instead of going for pills, maybe try something else like;
Butterbur, helps with hay fever
Camomile, helps with hay fever
Cranberry, helps the bladder
Echinacea, boost immune system
Linden flower, helps with high blood pressure, headaches, flu, colds
Nettle, cleanses the body
Peppermint, anti-stress
Ginger, helps with flu and colds
Ceylon Cinnamon, anti-parasitic
Turmeric, helps with a lot, hay fever, allergies
Citrus, vitamin C
Honey, helps with hay fever

is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals.

You can wear them in necklaces, bracelets or just in your pockets or socks.
Or go to a crystal healer.

Aquamarine, helps with hay fever
Aventurine, helps with sinus things
Calcite blue, helps with flu
Carnelian, helps with hay fever
Fluorite, helps with colds, flu and sinus things
Moss Agate, helps with flu, boost immune system

With the help of herbs, spices, foods and crystals my body feels a lot better.
If you want more info, just app or email me.

Next time; PURE NATURE – Cosmetics.

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